Karlsson Sunburst Vægur, Medium Guld – Present Time

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Is it a clock? Yes, but Karlsson’s Sunburst wall clock is more. The modern clock has such a beautiful design that it works as a decorative eye-catcher on the wall. The expressive, distinct design of wall clock Sunburst from Karlsson, impresses with its shiny crystals. Karlsson wall clock Sunburst is the perfect choice if you are looking for a touch of glamor in your home. Go for a touch of bling bling with wall clock Sunburst. Karlsson clocks and alarm clocks are worldwide favorites.

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SKU: 4860GD

Dimensioner: Ø30cm

Batterier: 1 x AA (excl.) – ej lydløs

Materiale: Stål

Ur Present Time

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